This website presents a Long Term Data Preservation solution able to manage several storage technologies, including brand new optical ones like SONY ODA, specifically aimed at the science data market.

The product has been named ARK. The name has been set to recall the Genesis and the first archive, the NOAH's ARK .

ARK is a hierarchical storage manager with a spatial file inventory DBMS, able to hide the effective location of a file, once archived, having enhanced capabilities to keep it safe for very long time (> 50 years).

It allows retrieval of data in parallel to archiving, thus supporting key science activities such as reprocessing and data exploitation (e.g. data mining). Its I/O performances can be tailored to an expected system load.

It can easily integrate, or be operated in parallel to, an existing LTDP system based on previous technology and in need of migration.

It manages in parallel several archive media/technology for disaster management. It can handle mix technologies also split in different geographically separated sites.

It has archives alignment tools, able to keep several archives always aligned, transparently by incoming and outgoing data flow. It is designed and implemented by people who are actual science / remote sensing data users and who are very close to the needs of large EO customers such as ESA, EUMETSAT, ASI and CNES.