About Us

Advanced Computer Systems ACS is a Software company founded in 1979 by Earth Observation specialists. Since June 2016 is an EXPRIVIA company.

Highly focused on Earth Observation

  • Ground Segment technologies. Historically a PDGS specialist, ACS develops full ground stations and subsystems/components for satellite data acquisition, dissemination, processing

Also active in data processing and application development

  • Geospatial data processing / GIS multi-source for monitoring, planning, management of environmental risks and infrastructures

Strong credentials in real-time handling of large data streams (e.g. traffic monitoring)

  • EMSA strategic partner for design&integration of core operational systems
  • Oracle gold partner, certified on the most innovative security and big data products

~10M€ revenues (80% projects, 20% services)

~80 Employees

  • 80% highly specialized technical and managerial profiles (systems engineering, algorithms & software development, project management)


  • ITALY: Rome(HQ), Matera.
  • GERMANY: Darmstadt

Shareholders: Exprivia Spa (100%)