ARK is built on :

  • a SW Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) (named ISM in ACS products).
  • a SW geo-spatial enabled file inventory DBMS (named INVENTORY in ACS products).
  • a number of SW archive services.
  • an HW supporting storage of data for online, (optional) nearline and (optional) offline archive.

As archive services (some can be optional) it is equipped with functions for:

  • data check in and check out, supporting upload and download of files in several standard protocols (e.g. FTP, HTTP)
  • data verification, able to periodically verify each file safety (e.g. 6 months execute a batch file download)
  • disaster and safety management, able to keep two archives, occasionally in different media technologies, always aligned transparently wrt nominal incoming and outgoing data flows
  • cluster high availability active/active on N nodes, with load balancer in case of business continuity requirements
  • statistical reports, enhanced reports on data budget
  • data reformatting or transformation, to modify files format
  • catalogue server, allowing navigation with standard protocols (e.g. OGC)
  • system monitoring, providing real time views of system activity
 Archive Type

SW Hierarchical Storage Manager

It is able to manage the file archiving on different archive types : online (disk-based), near line (media based) and offline.

It manages the check in and check out of the data transparently from their effective location.

It is able to manage libraries from the main vendors such as DELL, ORACLE, IBM, HP, SONY.

It is able to manage almost all current media in the market such as LTO, ORACLE Storagetek, SONY ODA.

It is able to manage almost all current media types such as magnetic, solid state and optical.

SW Geo-spatial enabled File Inventory

A DBMS keeps the metadata of each file ever archived (checked in) and retrieved (check out) from ARK.

It allows relational navigation on metadata, which have been designed to support Scientific Data of different source.

It uses also geospatial metadata but it keeps also non geo-referenced data sets.


HW Online/Nearline/Offline Storage Hardware

Archive requires at least an ONLINE archive, disk based.

The existence of a Nearline Archive is needed to Long Term Data Preservation. Several technologies are managed (see software specs).

Existence of Offline Archive depends on the sizing and on the need or decision to have some data offline the robotics (e.g. media copies).

ACS can procure and deliver also the HW, upon Customer request, providing turn-key solution requiring only network connection at Customer premises. ACS has in place commercial agreements with DELL and SONY.